Costs of Coaching

Since I love and am committed to my work teaching and doing research at BYU, I am only able to coach for a few hours each week on Fridays and a couple evenings. Thus I am only able to work with a small and select group of men or couples who are deeply committed to achieving greatness in their marriage and family life and are able and willing to make a significant investment in this endeavor.

Coaching is done face to face whenever possible (telephone, email, and other forms of contact done when helpful and appropriate). Clients travel to see me except on some occasions when the travel (paid for by clients) would be a blessing to me and/or my family. I have an office in my home where coaching takes place.

Coaching typically is done in increments of 60-90 minutes. Clients pay $25,000 for one year of coaching or $15,000 for six months up front. This is to establish a very high level of commitment from the client and the coach to enable us to achieve the highest level of progress possible. For those unable to make a 6 or 12 month commitment I am willing to do coach at $200 an hour.

Why would someone pay $25,000 up front for a year of family life coaching?

  • Great results can only come from great commitment. The significant financial investment is a clear and compelling symbol to both the client and the coach that the client has made a very serious commitment to (a) their own growth and to (b) the coaching process.
  • The money is not an hourly wage but rather (a) an acknowledgement that the coach has previously spent considerable time and energy to gain extensive knowledge and skills in the area of focus, and (b) a commitment to a professional relationship in which the coach and client work together to help the client achieve greatness, and understanding that the coach will be spending time outside of coaching sessions planning for subsequent sessions.