Introduction to Family Life Coaching

Any man, from any background, can--with commitment, hard work, and good coaching--become a great husband and father.

Family life coaching involves helping individuals and couples become the kinds of people, spouses, and parents they want to become. It involves building on strengths to create relational bonds that can help couples and families weather storms.

Family life coaching includes building: communication skills, leading in the home, proactive parenting, and other skills and processes the clients and coach decide to focus on.

People who make the kind of commitment to marriage and family represented by participating in family life coaching send a clear message to those they love most. That message is that those relationships are valued enough to work hard at making them stronger.

Family life coaching involves helping people increase their capacities to become great husbands and spouses rather than just good ones.

In many endeavors in life, such as athletics, music, and financial success, if someone wants to develop and maintain excellence they seek the best coaching possible.

Family life coaching provides personalized attention to help you develop your unique talents as a husband and father, continue to build relational strengths, and improve your ability to meet the needs of your family members.

Spiritual Support

My experience in working with men to strengthen family life is consistent with a large body of research that shows the power of religious/spiritual involvement in helping men be the kinds of husbands and fathers they want to be (and those they love need them to be).

Thus I encourage my clients to practice whatever form of spiritual/religious belief they have and I will help them find the deep meaning and motivation for improvement that faith can provide. I have been privileged to work with families from many faiths and love to help people better integrate their deepest beliefs and commitments.